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DynConD’s Benefits

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Benefits of using DynConD

  • For clients: faster network service response time and faster data transfer, hence higher customer satisfaction with the network service
  • For network service providers: Improved solution in case of server unavailability, improved management of server and Internet connection load, DDoS protection
  • For basic network infrastructure/ISP’s: faster data throughput and reduced possibility of network congestion
  • Global benefits: „green” use of IT resources by reducing the energy consumption of clients, servers and infrastructure

The DSS (Dynamic Server Selection) method does not exclude any of the existing server selection methods and can be used as an independent standalone or additional method for optimal server selection on the client-side, in particular as an extension of the server-side methods by introducing the client view into the final selection process.

If Dyncond’s library is not used by the client-side, the default DNS resolution can be used using A / AAAA RRs and provided to the client sorted by using server-side composite DNS metrics using server-side parameters Service Response Time and Server Load for optimal server selection and server load balancing.

    • dyncondgetaddrinfo() library is a smart getaddrinfo()
Optimal server selection and load balancing for standalone servers, cluster nodes, and distributed datacenters
No need for a centralized proxy-based server selection approach for publicly exposed IP addresses based on round-robin, random or other legacy policies
For the Android OS, the DynConDInetAddress class which is based on the dyncondgetaddrinfo() library is a smart InetAddress class with the GetByName and GetAllByName public methods
    • Fully configurable:
Network distance, server load, and server response time parameters with configurable impact can be used to calculate the dynamic server selection process
Configurable RTT measurement parameters: number of requests, interval, protocol, port, timeout, proxy passing option
  • For clients: faster network service response time and faster data transfer, hence higher customer satisfaction with the network service

DynConD’s Client-side GSLB vs traditional GSLB

DynConD can reduce the cost, delay and complexity of network load balancers by making physical servers directly available to the clients



DynConD introduces SD-Client functionality

  • SD-Client (Software-defined) client functionality intelligently directs network traffic to an optimal server
  • Unlike SDN and SD-WAN, SD-Client is implemented directly on a client and can be used inside or outside a corporate network
  • Recommended for IaaS and SaaS applications hosted on cloud-based infrastructure (on-premise data centers, private clouds, public clouds)
  • Recommended for latency-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Benefits:
  • Reduced latency
    Optimal use of WAN bandwidth and server’s resources
    Increased applications performance and improves user experience
    High business productivity

Key technical benefits of using DynConD cloud load balancer

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If your Android/Linux/iOS/Windows app needs a connection to the server available on different public IP addresses, then DynConD always selects the best server for your clients based on the network distance between the mobile or desktop app and servers and server’s response time!

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